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About Therapy

Most people come to BlueSky Wellness because they are seeking change or growth in some area of their life (you don't have to have a diagnosable mental health condition). The effectiveness and perceived benefits of therapy depend on many factors including the particular problems you are experiencing, personality factors, establishing a good therapeutic relationship, and your ability and willingness to actively participate in the process. 

The prospects for change can be exciting or even sometimes frightening. Giving up old habits or beliefs, no matter how destructive or painful, is difficult and can sometimes make people feel vulnerable and anxious. Some people will experience uncomfortable emotions throughout the process. Exploring unpleasant aspects of one’s self can cause discomfort, but is often essential in working through and resolving experiences that impede the ability to reach your optimal self. 

At BlueSky Wellness, our approach is to develop a trusting and collaborative relationship where you can feel comfortable exploring yourself in a non-judgmental and safe environment, which is essential for successful therapy. We can work closely with you and other relevant professionals as appropriate and believe strongly in holistic health where your physical, emotional, and spiritual health are interrelated and each of these domains are incorporated into our work.

A major goal of psychotherapy is to develop awareness of the ways in which we've responded to our experiences, how these responses developed, and learning new ways to adapt emotionally, behaviorally, and in our thinking.  One of the benefits of BlueSky Wellness is having an objective, non-judgmental ally to assist you through these potentially uncomfortable emotions or experiences. Together we identify patterns or behaviors that are unhelpful and develop more helpful ways of living.


While the benefits of psychotherapy vary, clients often report gaining a better understanding of themselves and their  goals  and  values, and being able to access and tolerate a wider range of emotions and life experiences. These gains can help improve interpersonal relationships, problem solving and coping skills, enhance self-esteem and increase confidence in your ability to manage problems and stress. 

While there is no guarantee that psychotherapy will create the desired changes or effects, most people find that the benefits of the process outweigh the risks. In fact, often there can be more risk associated with not participating and maintaining dysfunctional behaviors and thought patterns.